Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The cycle of violence: revenge on the stingrays

When I first read this I thought it was from the Onion. But no, it turns out to be for real.

It appears that some person or persons in Australia are seeking vengence for naturalist Steve Irwin's death by killing stingrays. No, not that stingray--the one that stung him in the heart and was responsible for his death--but stingrays in general:

Up to eight stingrays were found with their tails removed on Sept. 11 on Dundowran Beach, near the Queensland tourist resort of Hervey Bay...

Then, again, perhaps it wasn't murder. Or maybe it's the motive that's in question.

There is no evidence that the stingrays were killed as an act of revenge following Irwin's death, Kirsten Phillips, a media spokeswoman for the department, said in a phone interview. Officers are looking into the possibility, she added.

I'm not sure how officers would investigate this particular crime. Forensic evidence would seem scarce. Hidden cameras? Informants? Moles?

[ADDENDUM: Singrays themselves look rather cloaked, spylike, and clandestine, not to mention sinister. Here's a photo:

As for moles, I nominate the eel.]

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