Friday, February 02, 2007

Moving soon: a new neo-neocon address

The new blog isn't ready yet. But since I've been having so much trouble with posting on Blogger lately, I thought I'd give the link to the new blog here, just in case Blogger shuts me out later on.

Here's the link to the new blog site . The URL for it is

Simple: no hyphen (some prescient capitalist entrepreneur bought up the hypenated name some time ago, while I wasn't looking).

No need to go to the new site yet. I'll be using the present blog for the time being, until further notice---or until Blogger gets weirder and more feisty. If the latter happens, and a few days go by without a post on this blog, go to the new one to see what's what.

It will take some time to get the new site up and running, and till then there won't be much to see except scaffolding and a few rickety ladders. When it's ready for unveiling, I'll post the news here (assuming I can still get here), and then it will be time to change your bookmarks. The old blog should then remain intact at this URL, in case you want to stroll down memory lane.

Oh, and a question: any features you'd like to see on the new blog that this one doesn't have?

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