Monday, January 31, 2005

Running out of suicide bombers? Let's hope

Is is possible that the world of extremist Islamic/Baathist terrorism could have gone any lower? Apparently, yes, if the news in this article is true, and they are now drafting handicapped children for the privilege of becoming suicide bombers in Iraq.

Traditionally, when wars are going on, the side that is losing starts running out of able-bodied young men, and conscripts younger and younger and less and less fit men/boys to be cannon fodder. So, this is as good a sign as any that the terrorists might be running out of eager volunteers to blow themselves up and attain the "height of bliss" in the act of murdering others.

Why might this be happening? I can think of two reasons. Firstly, it must hard enough, even among fanatics, to recruit people for the task of exploding themselves--but still, somewhat easier when the cause seems to be going well. And I would imagine that recent events in Iraq are not going as well as that combination of nefarious factions (foreign and domestic Al Qaeda members, and out-of-work Baathists) that our MSM insists on calling the "insurgency" and Michael Moore considers the "Minutemen"--had hoped. The Iraqis seem to be going about their business in defiance of the fact that they could be blown up at any moment by these murderers.

Secondly, it is likely that there is actually a finite number of people fanatic enough to be recruited in this endeavor. Even in a culture that glorifies death, the human drive towards life is difficult to override in most people, and it takes a special sort to be willing to strap on a flotilla of bombs and detonate it. One of the good things about suicide bombing (perhaps the only good thing?) is that, by the very nature of the thing, each volunteer only gets one chance. So unless there is something to strongly motivate new recruits, the pool of potential volunteers for such an activity is going to shrink.

I just thought of one more good thing about suicide bombers. Their acts are so egregiously repulsive to all right-thinking people that they tarnish any cause with which they are involved.


At 12:22 AM, February 01, 2005, Blogger anonymess said...

What depths will they sink to? When the terrorists deplete the supply of Downs Syndrome suicide bombers (who likely do not understand the deadly significance of their act for themselves or their victims) what can we expect next? Elderly Alzheimer patients? (They'd work provided they keep moving in the right direction without getting lost or in the worst case doubling back.) Children on tricycles or in baby carriages? Dogs or other animals? Lawyers? Co-opting the innocent, the misfits, and the feeble-minded, is a clear indication that a cause, even one that is already crazy and misguided, is running out of steam and of zealots willing to fight or die for it.

At 12:23 AM, February 01, 2005, Blogger anonymess said...

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At 1:02 AM, February 10, 2005, Blogger Papa Ray said...

Sorry, just stumbled in from insanitys blog,..I mean Dr. Sanity's blog.

I am afraid that you would be wrong to think that the recruitment of sucide (murder)bombers is having difficulty filling the ranks.

For one thing, is some parts of the world, it is the hope of young children to one day be allowed to die blowing up their enemies or the enemy of Islam.

Its a terrible future we have to look forward to.

Papa Ray
West Texas

At 1:27 AM, February 10, 2005, Blogger Papa Ray said...

Oh, sorry, I was meaning to also include how the education of some children in America is being done right under our noses.

(scroll down to the Saudi Problem)

Kinda makes you wonder..and worried?

Papa Ray
West Texas

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