Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ward Churchill, proud Native American...


Well, as Emily Litella would say, "Never mind."

If Colorado ends up firing him on the basis that he made false claims of ethnicity to get favoritism in hiring, he can always say he's a victim of affirmative action. It wouldn't surprise me if he claimed some sort of victimhood, anyway, after gaining notoriety by slandering the true innocent victims of 9/11.

UPDATE: Instapundit now writes that there is some question about the authenticity of the Churchill quote. We'll see--maybe in the end it's the blogosphere (wonderfully self-correcting organism that it is) that will have to say, "Never mind."

UPDATE OF UPDATE: Yep, it's official. The blogosphere says, "Never mind."

So now it seems that Churchill is actually "less than a quarter Native-American." Whatever that means. It all only serves to point out how absurd these fractional racial classifications are. And, apparently, Mr. Churchill can finally claim to be a victim of something: being misquoted in the MSM. Join the crowd, Ward!


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