Tuesday, May 10, 2005

John Kerry: consistent inconsistence

John Kerry, that most consistently inconsistent of politicians, is reinventing himself, according to a Boston Globe article entitled, "Kerry adopting the rhetoric of a DC outsider." Now, even the Globe sees Kerry as a poseur; "adopting the rhetoric," rather than having a conviction.

Kerry has always specialized in being the oxymoronic candidate: antiwar war hero, patrician/proletarian ("can I get me a hunting license here?"), teflon maker and breaker of promises and pledges. So, he must be thinking, why not Washington insider-outsider?

It's a sign of something when even that liberal rag the Boston Globe seems to be getting fed up with Kerry. As the article says: It may seem odd for a man who has been in the Senate for more than two decades -- and who has never been known for his common touch -- to rail against aloof politicians. Well, there's no "may" and "seem" about it; it is odd. Very odd. But, as has become increasingly clear, so is Kerry.

Donna Brazile, author of so many Al Gore transformations in 2000, says this of Kerry the common man: 'As John Kerry continues to reflect on 2004 -- and explore options for 2008 -- it's important that he understands that people didn't really know John Kerry in the last campaign.

First of all, the idea of Kerry running in 2008 sends a chill down my spine; but the idea that we don't know Kerry at this point is, quite simply, laughable. We know him only too well. Even the locals can see through this particularly embarrassing attempt to repackage old, old goods. Tufts political science professor Jerry Berry is remarkably blunt on this score: 'He's the last politician that people are going to buy as an outsider. That dog won't hunt. John Kerry ran for president, and he has a long record in politics. He just doesn't come across as an outsider.

You tell him, Jerry, you tell him. But will John listen? I fear the answer is "no." As a narcissist, it seems Kerry has become addicted to the thrill of the spotlight and the glory of public speaking, and he just can't stop.

I keep resolving to get off his case, and then he starts up again. So, for the sake of all of us (not the least, me)--please, John, cease and desist!

I bet the Democratic Party wishes he'd keep quiet, too. He can't be doing them a whole lot of good.


At 12:37 PM, May 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

100 days since he promised on national TV to sign Form 180.

At 12:45 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger THIRDWAVEDAVE said...

Not only 100 days for Kerry, it's now on Tim Russert as well. Come on, Timmy, do your job.

At 1:09 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger goesh said...

You mean Kerry hasn't taken his place yet in the hall of flogged, dead horses in the aisle of wimps along side Al Gore??

At 2:28 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger Pat said...

My favorite was when he proclaimed to be a deer lover to Maureen Dowd, and a deer hunter to Field & Stream. The man's a Zelig. Put him in a room of orthodox Jews and he'll have ringlets before you know it.

At 3:24 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger Bookworm said...

Thoughtful change is good. Opportunistic change is a sign of a mental and moral vacuity that's frightening. Glad even the hometown newspaper is figuring that out.

At 4:25 PM, May 10, 2005, Blogger Pancho said...

I'd like to give John Boy a job out in the oil fields and see just how much of a regular Bubba he really is. Having never really had an actual job before I doubt he'd last long.

At 6:07 PM, May 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I said it a year ago, and it still holds today, John Kerry is the worst candidate that the democrats have put on the table in the last 80 years.


"The press made you, and the press will break you. Now that you've embarrased them, they will make it their life's work."

It looks like they are well underway. There is no way in hell this slouch is going to even be in the running by 2008.

(I enjoy the hell out of your blog. Keep up the good work!)

At 1:40 AM, May 11, 2005, Blogger WichitaBoy said...


You're a gem. John Kerry is a poseur and a narcissist, but I don't believe anybody outside of Massachusetts takes him seriously any longer. At least he can always fall back into his natural role as gigolo.

But who do the Democrats have? Teddy Chappaquidick and Hillary I-Had-No-Idea-My-Husband-Was-Getting-It-On? Please.

I'm not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way the youthful idealistic party became the cynical party and now has sunk completely to the laughing-stock party.

At 2:58 AM, May 11, 2005, Blogger camojack said...

John WHO?!

At 3:40 AM, May 11, 2005, Blogger Tom Grey said...

John "Killing Fields are OK" Kerry will not get out of the spotlight until he loses his senate seat.

In 20 years of being "nobody" as the jr., mini-Teddy Liberal, now he's a somebody, and everybody who supported him for Pres. will either have to keep supporting him or admit they were wrong.

Don't you have a few posts about how hard it is to admit you're wrong? (Especially for la la Leftists, for whom facts and realities after their policies never matter.)

At least this way the (still unknown) future Dem leaders won't be getting scrutinized by the press. Usually the non-incumbent front-runner in the primaries doesn't get the nomination.

[I should remember to thank Teddy for 1980 and Reagan; Teddy did the heavy lifting in being anti-Carter. Perhaps 'cause Jimmy was too religious?]
{STOP this talk of 2008!}

At 4:02 AM, May 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with John Kerry is that he doesn't have the slightest idea of whom he is. Plus his principles are very questionable to say the least and his tomatoe lady doesn't help the situation either. Kerry is a mess to use the vernacular!

At 6:51 AM, May 11, 2005, Blogger goesh said...

Does this mean Johnny and Al won't try to be the dynamic duo next time around? You know, flip a coin to see who will be Prez and who will be VP ??? Have I missed something here?? One respondent mentioned Kerry and deer. Our boy Johnny during the campaign was interviewed by some sporting/hunting type group about hunting. When asked what his favorite hunting was, he said that crawling through the woods after deer was his favorite hunting sport. To the several million hunters of our nation, this clearly demonstrated his shallow, transparent personality, as one doesn't crawl through the woods after deer, unless of course the deer are deaf, blind and have no sense of smell. Johnny maybe should have crawled through the woods and gotten some superficial scrapes and scratches. This would have given him the opportunity for a tremendous PR coup - he could presented said scrapes and scratches to veterans as proof of viet nam battle wounds, and to sportswomen/men ( ain't I the PC one, eh?) he could have proven beyond a doubt that he was a real hunter.

At 6:56 AM, May 11, 2005, Blogger Barba Roja said...

Are we still talking about Kerry? Why?

At 8:30 AM, May 11, 2005, Blogger goesh said...

I think because he represents the worst Democrats have to offer to mainstream America, and all indications are that the same type of candidate will emerge again in the next Presidential election. This ultimately is not good for America. Give me a candidate the likes of Byron Dorgan or Kent Conrad from N. Dakota, middle of the road, common sense Democrats who seek the common good, compromise, unity and cohesion, and I might darn well vote for them. These guys stand their ground and if they hunt deer, they don't take a pro-Bambi stand hoping to garnish a few extra votes. They have alot to offer, but it's too bad they don't have much money and come from a state many people haven't even heard of. I'm sure when the mysterious lady that writes this blog changes subject, we will no longer be talking about Kerry. I do note however that there is something primitive in me that lurks and lingers deep in crevices of my mind that likes to kick lying politicians after they have been knocked to the ground.

At 9:51 PM, May 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My favorite was when he proclaimed to be a deer lover to Maureen Dowd"

He meant he'd crawl any distance on his stomach to put up a freezer full of venison.


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