Friday, November 11, 2005

For thee

...therefore never send to know "for whom the bell
; it tolls for thee

(Via Roger Simon.)


At 5:15 PM, November 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not my favorite writer by any stretch, but this is a fine and memorable passage. Thanks for the reminder of whence it came. :D

"Whence" - pretty fancy verbiage, eh? Heheheee!

At 12:06 PM, November 12, 2005, Blogger roman said...

The Breitbart piece on Roger's site was heartbreaking.
You're right "it tolls for thee (us)"

At 11:50 AM, November 13, 2005, Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Too bad there's a squad of Marines holding that bell from sounding. That way, the rest of the town can get some good sleep.

At 7:00 PM, November 13, 2005, Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Not trying to picky, but doesn't it sound better as "from whence it came"?


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