Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"You and what army?" redux

I was going to write a midlength post on the absurdity of the UN's call to Ahmadinejad to suspend Iran's nuclear program or face sanctions. The resolution was considered "mandatory" and "binding," words that are essentially meaningless in the context of the UN and Iran. Or perhaps the UN and anything.

Well, Tammy Bruce called this one. Not that it was so difficult to call. But she did it with special flair and verve.

And Ahmadinejad finessed me--and the UN. He already has responded by rejecting the UN resolution. Surprise, surprise!

"Binding," indeed! The UN has no power except by the consent of its member nations, and the threat of sanctions. And the latter is almost amusing after the Oil for Food scandal in Iraq.

Another irony: putting teeth into the UN's ability to halt the nuclear programs of rogue and tyrannical states is actually one of the things the buildup to the war in Iraq was meant to accomplish. But in the rush to tear down that effort, the UN itself lost whatever legitimacy it might have gained through that avenue.

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