Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election central...

...I'm not.

If you want a lot of updates, though, you might want to go to Pajamas Media, as well as Kesher Talk.

Earlier, Blogger was being uncooperative and wouldn't let me post. I've had a busy day; just got back home and will be doing other things for much of the evening. But I've got the TV on in the background. I've been channel surfing, and so far it's going more or less as expected: the Dems are having a very good evening indeed.

Years ago this would have been happy news for me. Now it's not really news at all. The real news will be whether the Democrats get control of the Senate as well as the House, and what they do or don't do with their victory.

I voted today, marking my little paper ballot in black--no newfangled voting machines here! Strangely enough, for the first time in memory (unless memory is playing tricks on me), there were no curtains on the voting booths. But no one seemed to be looking over my shoulder. Plus, there's a new gadget that takes the ballots. It's something like those gizmos that grab a dollar (if you put it in just right) and give you change, only this one doesn't give you change. In the past we used to fold our ballots in half and put them in a slot.

I always find voting to be a moving experience. It's a cliche to say so, but voting is a privilege. The white-haired ladies (they are always white-haired ladies) who man (is that a mixed metaphor?) the polls are calm and polite, and have their poker faces on. Voting took all of three minutes today; no lines.

And now we wait. But I'm going to make a prediction: Democrats take both House and Senate.

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