Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Carter's "imprisonment wall"

Jimmy Carter, peacemaker extraordinaire, has called the wall Israel has built an "imprisonment wall."

A strange notion of imprisonment, indeed. How can a wall designed to keep murderers out of a single small country (Israel), and yet allowing them freedom of movement elsewhere, be considered a prison?

I wonder if Jimmy locks his doors. Because if he does, isn't he imprisoning someone? Locking out those who might want to steal from him, or murder him? Isn't that the main reason we all lock our doors (although I have to say, in New England, I know quite a few people who don't)?

Did Carter even notice the number of suicide bombers blowing Israelis to bits before the wall was erected, and has he compared it to the number of such bombings since?

But no. Carter is almost as demented as Gandhi was when he counseled the Jews to allow Hitler to murder them so that they might claim the moral high ground and set an example of peace/love. Ah, these wonderful peace advocates, always wanting the Jews to sacrifice themselves for the cause! Jimmy, likewise, would like Jews to die in order to give Palestinians freedom of movement within Israel--the freedom to come there and slaughter Jews with impunity.

I haven't read Carter's book, but according to this review in the Washington Post, he managed to write the entire thing--which focuses on the topic of the wall--without once conceding that it was built to prevent the murder of Jews.

Astounding. But not surprising.

[NOTE: on the topic of the inflammatory title of Carter's book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, read Michael Kinsley in Slate.]

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