Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Don't feed the trolls

Once again, I want to remind people to ignore trolls.

I plan soon to be getting enough time to redesign the blog in order to better deal with them. Till then, the best thing to do is ignore them rather than engage them. As a reminder, the following are banned trolls: loki, alphie, justaguy, and stevie. Of course, several of them do not stick to these names, so it's only by IP and other details I'm privy to that I can identify them if they do so.

The new system should circumvent the present problems and make it far more difficult for trolls to get around the bans. Till then, I ask, once again, that people simply not respond to any troll comments, even those that seem like they invite a rational argument. It won't stay rational or polite for long.

[ADDENDUM: Just for clarification, I want to state that once a troll has been banned, all comments by that troll will be deleted, including ones that seem reasonable and would otherwise be acceptable. Commenting here is a privilege, and once you've lost it, you've lost it.]

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