Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Helpful, so helpful

The Washington Post headline: "Experts: Syria, Iran willing to aid USA." Article by the AP, naturally.

What alternative universe do headline writers live in, I wonder? Reporting on the fact that the Iraq Study Group believes that Syria and Iran would be willing to help the needy US, as though this is some sort of newsworthy item, ought to be risible. But unfortunately, the AP is not the Onion. They are serious.

The Arab world, of course, is taking note of our breastbeating festival. Al Jazeera, according to the article, repeatedly aired Gates's testimony that we're not winning in Iraq.

Oh, perhaps al Jazeera's viewers will watch and envy us for our ability to be humble, and to speak truth to power. And then again, their being an honor/shame culture and all, perhaps they'll just take it as a sign that we are giving up, and they are winning. But we all get to feel good about ourselves in the meantime--isn't that the important thing?

And if you detect more than a hint of sarcasm here, you'd be correct.

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