Sunday, January 07, 2007

5 things you don't know about me

I've been tagged for one of those meme things by my friend Fausta, "five things you don't know about me."

Ah. what to divulge? I have an unusual breadth of choice, since some of the most basic facts about me are unknown on the blog (real name and specific place of residence, for starters). So I suppose I could take this as an opportunity for a huge unveiling.

I don't think so. But I will reveal the following:

(1) Sometimes I do toy with the idea of "coming out," and divulging my actual name and un-apple-shielded photo. Maybe some day.

(2) I am a fabulous cook, if I do say so myself (and I do say so myself). Maybe my trolls would like it if I put more recipes up here. Nope, suppose not.

(3) Doing the podcast was a big deal for me because I've always been a bit sensitive about my voice. Not my voice in private life--that seems okay--but as a public vehicle for getting points across. I have always been more comfortable writing; I prefer the ability to craft and to contemplate, although on a blog I rarely get the chance or the time to craft things as much as I'd like. Other times, when I've performed, I've been voiceless; a dancer. So the podcast has been a real stretch for me, but I've enjoyed it more than I imagined I would.

(4) I have small feet, hands, and ears. In fact, when I buy gloves, I need to go to the children's section, and this despite the fact that I'm of more or less average height. I mourn the fact that gloves no longer come in sizes other than small, medium, large--the "small" being jumungous, as far as I'm concerned. I think I used to be a size 5, which they actually used to make, and they actually used to fit.

(5) I'm a wonderful friend. Ask any of my friends.

Oh, and here's a sixth: a posed photo from my dancing days, just turned sixteen. I look exactly and precisely the same now, of course.

[ADDENDUM: I forgot to pass the meme baton. Take it or leave it, folks, as you wish: Sisu, Alexandra, Shrinkwrapped, Dr. Sanity, and Varifrank.

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