Monday, August 01, 2005

More on certain churches and Israel

Via Bookworm, this article from the American Thinker seems to be agreeing with me about the basically leftist, as opposed to the basically anti-Semitic, orientation of some anti-Israel pro-Palestinian Christian ministers (boy, that's a mouthful!).

Author James Lewis writes:

The day before yesterday, we are told, the Church of the Disciples of Christ demanded that Israel tear down its security fence, which has saved countless of Jewish women and children from being blown to smithereens. Twisting the words of Ronald Reagan, Minister William McDermet III of Panama, N.Y., shouted into the microphone to the assembled delegates,

"Say to Ariel Sharon, 'Tear down this wall!'"

Well, the Rev. McDermet is either a fool or a demagogue, but I suspect the latter, since even a fool can distinguish between a defensive wall and a prison wall.

I just want to say that I see nothing wrong with the notion that Rev. McDermet is both a fool and a demagogue. Who ever said the two were mutually exclusive?


At 10:48 AM, August 01, 2005, Blogger The CO said...

Interesting, and a link is posted at my blog.

At 10:57 AM, August 01, 2005, Blogger goesh said...

What frothing at the mouth, what hysteria.... next they will offer up proof that Jews cause earthquakes.

At 11:09 AM, August 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center finds the demand of the Disciples of Christ that Israel remove the security barrier to be “functionally antisemitic.” Some of his points:

“The resolution is an abomination. . . . It demands that Israel take action that would put millions of its citizens in immediate harm’s way in the never-ending campaign of Palestinian suicide terror.”

“No other nation would ever be asked to do the same and as a result, this politically-driven resolution is functionally antisemitic.”

“It is especially outrageous that Disciple President Hobgood has seen to it that a young survivor of a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, Tzippi Cohen, was barred from speaking to all of the delegates at the General Assembly prior to vote. I have no doubt that had the delegates seen the human face of the victims of Palestinian terrorism, the outcome could have been much different.”

Functionally antisemitic. If it smells like a rat, walks like a rat . . .

At 12:44 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger knox said...

"...basically leftist, as opposed to the basically anti-Semitic..."

Unfortunately, leftist and anti-Semitic are not mutually exclusive either. Increasingly, they seem to go hand-in-hand.

At 4:17 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger David Foster said...

"Progressives," especially liberal churchmen, have been very exerised about Israel's use of bulldozers (to build the security wall and to tear down buildings which have been used for terrorism)

Well, bulldozers are also being used in Zimbabwe, on a very large scale, to destroy the dwellings of totally innocent people. I have heard no complaints about *these* bulldozers from the humanitarians of the left.

At 2:13 AM, August 02, 2005, Blogger neuroconservative said...


Please see my reply here, which turned out to be a little too long to post as a comment.

At 2:18 AM, August 02, 2005, Blogger neuroconservative said...


The number (of Jews) is actually a little more than half of your guess. To complete your metaphor:

Imagine that the Muslim world is a football field. Israel is a deck of cards sitting on the edge of the field near the 30-yard line. Why should we accept that this deck of cards is an affront to the field, but that taking out (or giving back) all of the spades will make everything alright?

At 7:58 AM, August 02, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting entry in how this is being played out in the UK:

At 2:40 PM, August 02, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, if it is anti-semitic or anti-Israel to ask Israel to get rid of the fence/wall, what does that make the millions of Israelis who want the same?

At 10:17 PM, August 02, 2005, Blogger neuroconservative said...

Brilliant allies of their own gravediggers.

At 10:55 PM, August 03, 2005, Blogger Bookworm said...

I only realized today that you'd linked to my post. As if often the case, you've added something to the already interesting American Thinker article I had noted.


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