Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's all French to me: the Lurçat trial on a technicality?

This is quite unofficial, but I got an email about the verdict in the Lurçat trial. It was in French, so I used Babelfish to decipher it; therefore the following information is extremely preliminary and rather suspect. However, from what I could discern, it appears he may have gotten off on a technicality that doesn't go to any of the important issues in the trial.

When I wrote this piece about the trial, I mentioned, "one of [Lurçat's] defenses appeared to be that he hadn't actually written the words in question on his website; someone else had."

And that appears to be the point on which he may have been successful. More later, as I learn it.

[See this and this for additional information about the trial and the more substantive issues it presented. The third trial, that of Gouze, is due to start right about this time.]

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